Rodizio do Brasil

The first Brazilian restaurant in Slovenia

We invite you to experience top authentic Brazilian culinary delights prepared by »Gaucho Chef« on a traditional Brazilian grill called churrasco. We also offer you a diverse salad bar and other typical Brazilian specialties.


Rodizio do Brasil functions as a classical Brazilian concept RODIZIO, of which motto says »all you can eat«.

  1. Latin American energy will take you over as soon as you enter the restaurant. First you are taken to your table and you are explained on how rodizio works. Then you can taste the wine from our wine cellar, non-alcoholic Brazilian drink called Guarana, refreshing Brazilian beer Brahma or a delicious cocktail such as Brazilian Caipirinha, which is said to be the best one in the city…
  2. We also take care of all the hungry customers. You can choose from three kinds of rodizio specialties grilled on churrasco grill. Warm dishes are served on swords in a fixed order by our»Pasadores«.:
    • CLASSICAL RODIZIO is made of at least ten sorts of meat.
    • SEA RODIZIO is the best for sea food lovers.
    • VEGE RODIZIO is a dish for those who fancy vegetables.
  3. Beside the main meal you can choose a starter from a salad bar, which offers you different kinds of fresh Brazilian salads along with warm starters and Brazilian specialties. You can choose from this gourmet center for as long as you enjoy your rodizio.
  4. When you have chosen all your favourite specialties, you give us the green light and our »Pasadores« bring you freshly grilled delights from a special typical Brazilian churrasco grill, until you decide to afford a short break or simply finish eating.
  5. However, this does not indicate the end of a Brazilian evening since you can continue enjoying a delicious pineapple (also grilled on churrasco grill) or other desserts and a drink in a bar. On Fridays and Saturdays the bar often hosts our carneval dancers or a typical Brazilian band which will relax you with their authentic music. This way you can finish your evening in a pleasant Latin American atmosphere…